Indy Organizations That will Take Your Stuff

If you’ve been paying attention to the news or pop culture, you most likely have heard about the ways of Marie Kondo, the organization consultant who has become a household name after her Netflix special, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  In her, special she walks people through getting rid of things that no longer serve you.  If you are one of those folks who are following the Kondo ways or just sprucing up a bit, take a look at this list of organizations from our friend, The Baer Minimalist, that could use your goods, before you toss them.

3 Things You Can Do for Your Career Today

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Has it been awhile since you updated your resume? If you are like many professionals, you always have good intentions to update your resume and LinkedIn accounts, but time just always gets in the way. Well here are three quick things you can do to put your best foot forward professionally so that opportunity doesn’t pass you by.

Update your resume.

When updating your resume, make sure that your contact information is current, your last position is listed, and your profile or objective statement is still relevant to the direction you want to move in your career. I know you have a career full of great experience, but employers do not want to read a report so limit your resume to 1-2 pages, with no more than ten years of experience.

Clean up your social media.

The joy of social media is being able to say what you want and just be yourself or someone else entirely if you want, but just know that it can come at a cost. It’s perfectly fine to have a glass of wine or even a beer (or two) and fun nights out because life is for living. However, if you’re timeline consists of wild nights out, drunken videos, or keg handstands, you may want to do some cleaning and if not, some privacy checks. If you do not want potential employers to look at you with a cautious glare, you should do a quick audit. Start with images you may have been tagged in. Remove any tags that are irrelevant or paint a negative picture of you. I also suggest removing posts that are overly political, explicit, and negative. Remember what you see is what you get, and that is how employers will view your online presence, so make sure what they see is something they want.

Update your LinkedIn.

Employers and recruiters almost always look to LinkedIn to gain more insight on candidates. Make sure that they find a great representation of who you are. Upload a recent head shot, update your work history, and create or edit your title and summary so that it grabs the attention of recruiters in your desired industry. This tell them who you are and what you do. Also, if you are very active in your community, make sure you list those activities. If you’ve used your LinkedIn to post unprofessional content or you use explicit language and that’s not the norm in the industry you seek, delete it please.

If you are a woman that needs help with any of the tips above, the Indy DFS Career Development Center has computers and staff to help you create or update your resume and setup your LinkedIn account. Give us a call to setup an appointment at 317-940-3737.

2018 Professional Women’s Group (PWG) Graduation

Last night, family, friends, peers, volunteers, and staff celebrated as 16 women graduated to life-long Professional Women’s Group (PWG) membership status. Each woman had to commit to months of classes, workshops, projects, and homework. Most importantly, these women had to commit to investing in and loving themselves.

The night was filled with laughs, prizes, and a musical performance from a life-long PWG member, Pamela Caplinger. First Lady Alicia Ramsey, of New Life Worship Center, shared an inspiring message about motivation and revelation with the graduates. The celebration concluded with each graduate receiving a necklace with a pearl pendant, symbolic of being formed from grit and work, and a gift from the Yelp Indy community and PWG Resource Committee.



Professional Women’s Group is an optional program at Dress for Success, that provides support and resources to help women retain employment, advance in their careers and lives. Participants are invited to join PWG after they have secured employment.

The night was sponsored, supported, and produced by a host of community partners and volunteers including Fifth Third Bank, MBP Catering, Marian Inc., Tilly’s Tea Room, Circle City Kombucha, Yelp Indy, Phil Donahue Photography, the PWG Advisory Committee, and the PWG Leadership Committee. Thank you all!