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Our Holiday WishList

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Motivational Career Advice to Keep You Going This Fall

Dress for Success Indianapolis’ (DFSI) mission has always been about cultivating relationships and resources for women to help them thrive at work and in life. In that spirit – and the spirit of thanksgiving – I share insights from my Faegre Baker Daniels colleagues. Each of them makes the work we do at Faegre Baker Daniels possible. Their words of wisdom made me reflect and inspired me. I hope it does the same for you this season.

What has historically helped you adjust to a new workplace?

“Constantly remind yourself that you belong at the table. You would not be there if you could not handle the position.”

– F. Brooke Dunn, Associate





“More than anything, it’s probably the relationships that are forged!”

– Jacqueline M. Pimentel-Gannon, Associate






What’s the secret to forging relationships at a new job?

“Instead of telling someone you are willing to help or how you might help, jump in and help. People naturally form relationships with those who help and are kind.”

– Laurie Schrader, Chief Financial Officer





“Get involved by joining committees and volunteering. Any opportunity to meet new people, just say, ‘Yes!’”

– Kelley E. Mann, Senior Marketing Event Specialist





What’s the best career advice you ever received from another woman?

“Stop apologizing and stop couching your opinions in terms of ‘I think’ or ‘I believe.’ Have confidence that your insight adds value.”

– Sarah C. Jenkins, Partner





“Be teachable. No matter what level you are on the ladder of success, there is always room for growth and learning from others.”

– Januita L. Koehl, Billing Specialist





What has been the toughest hurdle you’ve faced in your career thus far – and how did you overcome it?

“Being assigned responsibility that felt beyond my experience. I got past it by telling myself if I don’t know how to do this assignment, I at least know how to learn. There’s a first time for every type of responsibility. That first time is an opportunity, so figure it out – with a little help from your friends!”

– Susan W. Kline, Partner




“One hurdle most women – myself included – face or will face in their career is career advancement or, specifically, the feeling that they may not be advancing as quickly as they would like. As a former co-worker told me, ‘closed mouths don’t get fed.’ Identify the experiences and opportunities you hope to achieve. Identify ‘career allies’ – generally a boss or someone higher up than you who is invested in your success at the company and who can assist in helping you gain these opportunities. Then, establish a plan for achieving these goals.” – Kristina A. Coleman, Associate



Contributor: Adrienne Busby, President, Board of Directors, Dress For Success Indianapolis
Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels