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Change often happens when remaining in a situation is more difficult than forging a new path. The financial donations to Dress for Success Indianapolis made by our community, have helped us serve over 10,000 women in Central Indiana as they determine a new destiny for themselves, their families and our city.

Jeronna is a shining example of how Dress for Success Indianapolis ignites the passion needed for change in the women we work with. Jeronna moved to Indianapolis from Ohio with the promise of a new job. She packed up her young son, along with all their belongings, and checked into a hotel to wait for the final paperwork to arrive. The paperwork didn’t come, but a phone call did that informed her that due to a funding problem, the position would not be created.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jeronna was determined to create a new life in Indianapolis and quickly started a new job search. Living in a hotel and paying for meals quickly drained all her savings, and Jeronna soon found herself staying in a local shelter with her son. She had lost her storage and all of the possessions of her past life, including her business clothing. That’s when she was referred to Dress for Success Indianapolis. Jeronna says the day she came to see us was the day everything changed for her. She landed her current job the day after she received her suit, and quickly joined our post-employment program, Professional Women’s Group (PWG).

Jeronna’s first PWG meeting was a goal-setting workshop called Dare to Dream. The workshop gave her hope for a brighter future and helped her determine what was next. She shared, “With Dare to Dream you are investing in yourself the opportunity and willingness to see yourself differently, your potential and your value.”

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The workshop was just the start for Jeronna. She has since graduated to a Lifelong PWG member, completed two financial literacy courses, established a college savings account for her son and is participating in a life-coaching program. She continues to thrive and now volunteers with us to pay forward the opportunities she’s been given. In fact, she told her story to over 950 people at Stepping Out In Style this year.

Jeronna sums up our work perfectly, “PWG takes you to a whole other level and makes you responsible. A lot of people focus on their weaknesses, but PWG teaches you to focus on your strengths.” With your financial donation, Jeronna’s strengths will continue to develop, and we are honored to be a part of her journey toward a better future.

Please consider making a gift that will allow us to continue providing programming that empowers women to succeed. Jeronna is currently planning on starting her own business, and we look forward to sharing her future success with you.


Barbara S. Ellsworth
Executive Director, Dress for Success Indianapolis

P.S. Your donation is a gift of hope for a brighter future for women and their families in our city. Thank you in advance for the impact your donation will make in Jeronna’s life and the lives of the 1,500+ women we’ll serve in 2014. 

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