The Suits for Success program provides each client with a complete interview ensemble, including a suit, blouse, hosiery, shoes, purse, jewelry and padfolio, for her interview and workforce apparel when she finds a position. All women who participate in the Suits for Success program are referred to Dress for Success Indianapolis through our partner referral agencies. Services are delivered on a one-on-one basis by volunteer Personal Shoppers. Over 14,500 women have been served since 2000. Suits for Success aims to give each client hope for her new beginning.

Meet Brittany D.
Young Brittany Doss is no stranger to hardship. She grew up watching her mother work two jobs to support the family and now Brittany is struggling to care for her own two children after losing her job and going on welfare. At age 21 Brittany suffered a devastating stroke and only through extensive rehab has she learned to walk again. With all the troubles in her young life, one would expect Brittany to appear downtrodden. Yet this smiling young woman radiates excitement and hopeful anticipation. Brittany has just landed her first professional job in the corporate offices of a global company. She credits Dress for Success Indianapolis with giving her the support and confidence to act and appear professionally. “Suits are very expensive and I have two kids and don’t have enough money to take care of the bills and get the clothing I need. I get clothing and support here- it’s a blessing. Dress for Success Indianapolis is such a confidence booster- I wanted to look professional, didn’t want to go in there just wearing anything. I am so thankful.” Brittany, wearing a classic gray suit looks from head to toe ready to step into the corporate world and has the smile and confidence to stride forward into the next chapter of her life.

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