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I am a nerd. I love tech and I love books. Not the digital or audio kind (I am not against them), but there is something about physically turning the pages of a book that is so satisfying.  In honor of World Book Day and Financial Literacy Month, I want to share some of my favorite books for self-help and personal finance.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

If you are in a season of uncertainty or insecurity about your abilities, strengths or what you bring to the table, please read this book.  For me, it was a resource that solidified what I knew about myself and provided some extra confidence in moving forward with my goals.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat. Pray. Love

I adore this book! I am a creative person with some big ideas and with that comes funny looks and lack of understanding from most folks. This book explores creative living and the notion that big ideas and inspiration do not come to us by chance but that they are meant for us to act on and not be filed away out of fear.

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke by Suze Orman

Practical advice for younger folks that are strapped for cash, may be new to adulting, or that have been going about it wrong, financially. Suze covers how to talk about money with potential partners, retirement planning, and when and how to use credit cards. This book is old, but it was helpful for me and may still be a good intro for young professionals. I do know that Suze’s advice is often considered controversial so keep that in mind and don’t take this as a financial bible.

Girl Get Your Credit Straight by Glinda Bridgforth

I was the college freshman that signed her soul away for a free t-shirt and a “free” spring break drawing.  Mistakes happen, right? This book will help you not only understand credit, but if you’ve made some credit mistakes, it will walk you through the repairs. It’s an easy and quick read full of tips and exercises that you can use right away to repair your credit.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

I admit that I am late to the Dave Ramsey party, but his practical steps to budgeting and savings have made me overhaul my household budget and financial strategy. Following the seven steps does not feel as daunting as tips or plans from other financial coaches. It is worth the read if you are ready to change your spending habits or get out of debt. I also love that Dave Ramsey also has a podcast and blog that answers questions from individuals just like me.

I hope you check out some of all of the books. I would love to know what you think of them. I am always looking for new books to read so please leave your recommendations on our social media accounts. #bookwormsunite




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