By: Katie Ellis, Marketing Director at RJE Business Interiors

After securing a job, it can be easy to settle into a new role and focus solely on getting the job done. With that though, it’s important to remember to continue to take care of yourself — especially if you work in a desk-based job where you’ll be sedentary for most of the day. Studies show that integrating wellness activities into your daily routine will make you a more productive employee — so get up, get going and stay well! Here are five ways to incorporate better wellness into your work routine.

1. Plan ahead for your weekly lunches.
It can be very easy to be lured into going out for lunch with your coworkers several times a week, but it’s not a budget-friendly or wellness-friendly option! Meal prep on Sunday to ensure you have five healthy lunch options to get you through the week.

2. Take meetings on the go.
Any kind of movement is beneficial if you’re sitting behind a computer or at a desk all day. Consider asking a colleague to go for a walk around the neighborhood for your next meeting, rather than sit around a conference table. The extra steps will energize you for the rest of the day!

3. Get out of your seat.
If you have access to a sit-to-stand or height adjustable desk, make the most of it! Standing improves your posture, core strength and is known to increase both energy and productivity.

4. Organize wellness activities.
Every cause needs a champion, so if there isn’t a wellness program at your office, don’t be afraid to approach leadership to implement one! Onsite yoga classes, health assessments and nutrition programs can go far in creating a more wellness-focused workplace.

5. Start a steps challenge.
Do you work with a competitive bunch? Nothing can spur someone to action like a good challenge. Consider implementing an incentive-based steps challenge at your organization to get more people moving across the office. Even if you don’t have an official program, you can challenge a couple of coworkers and get the same results.

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