Grants meant to transform self-sufficiency prospects for women in Central Indiana

The Glick Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), has announced a $45,000 grant to Dress for Success Indianapolis.  In total, 49 local organizations were awarded grants from The Glick Fund totaling more than $4 million.

The Fund’s advisors are focusing their efforts on making immediate and long-term measurable impacts in four areas of community need: 1) the arts and creative expression; 2) education; 3) human needs and the alleviation of suffering; and 4) self-sufficiency and job skills.

As an organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women, the funding provided by The Glick Fund will help Dress for Success Indianapolis empower over 1,500 next year.

“We provide our women with workplace attire, a network of support and resources to help them maintain employment, as well as the career development tools needed to get ahead. The women we serve are working hard to advance their lives and impacting themselves, their families and our community as a whole. We are truly grateful The Glick Fund for helping to make our work possible,” said Barbara Ellsworth, Executive Director, Dress for Success Indianapolis.

“We hope our grants will help address the immediate needs of the community while also building the long-term capacity of the organizations delivering services,” said Marianne Glick, director at the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Family Foundation and The Glick Fund.

The Glick Fund advisors also continue to focus on organizations, programs and opportunities that are supportive of CICF’s Community Leadership Initiatives: College Readiness and Success, Inspiring Places and Family Success.  “Our vision is to make central Indiana a ‘top 10’ community of choice by improving our educational attainment, increasing our self-sufficiency and ensuring everyone has access to art, beauty and nature everyday,” said Brian Payne, President and CEO, CICF. “Because we share the same goals with The Glick Fund advisors, we are able to identify and match the Fund’s community impact goals with targeted organizational and programmatic funding. By working in this type of partnership, we’re able to expand both the Fund’s ability to transform the community as well as our own.”

The grant to Dress for Success Indianapolis reinforces The Fund’s abilities to create change in the area of self-sufficiency and job skills.